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How to Get Back on Track when You’re Off the Rails #TruthbyBrenda

I’ve had things go a little bit wrong, like everyone else, all the way to large scale off the map f*d up, like losing my mother to suicide or losing my son to murder.

When things aren’t going quite the way you hoped, here’s what you can do.

HOT TIP: Observe your own process – past and present – when you are or have been able to get through hard times. That’s how I’m able to bring you this article, from my own lived experience and what has worked for me personally over and over again. We all have our inner wisdom.

First off, if you want something to happen, definitely have a plan.

Does that mean the plan is the be all and end all?


It means you have action steps that will get you either the result you want, or to a fork in the road, where you will need to take more action steps to get you to the result you want.

But I didn’t want to talk about plans or planning.

What I wanted to share with you is that when things are going sideways, or the path is completely destroyed so you can’t go any further, you don’t have to give up!

Instead of giving up, activate your creativity, your passion, your creative spirit and your creative mind.

You can’t do that from a place of resignation, unless you pause long enough to open yourself to a solution or new path. How do you do that?

When I think about what happens for me when things go sideways, even horribly wrong, I see myself within a circle, with spokes out to various paths. Quantum physics tells us there are many paths, many realities available to us in any given moment.

Creativity opens up your perception so you can see some of those other possible paths, even if you’re in a dark night of the soul.

You know how your GPS automatically recalculates and reroutes you if you went “the wrong way”? Then you’re still on track for your destination after an unexpected detour.

Let’s juice that up a little, since human beings have much more than the ability to recalculate where they’re going…

1. Something goes wrong. Maybe your great plan looks like a failure. Or something goes terribly wrong and you’re suddenly launched into grief or crisis.

IMPORTANT: If you’re in a crisis, or you’ve just had an unexpected major loss, everything will probably seem like a blur because you’re in shock. You need to get yourself through the main impact of the shock before making big decisions. You’re going to need help to do that and it might take some time. Be gentle with yourself and find a way to get some help if that’s you. Then the following steps can help you.

2. Here is a big choice point. Your choices usually seem pretty black and white, even though they aren’t. Maybe you give up. Maybe you keep on pushing, even though you can feel it’s as if you’re just digging a deeper pit to climb out of. Or maybe…

3. You PAUSE and open yourself to new ideas. Or if you’re in grief or a crisis, you just pause, period. Let yourself be supported and take the downtime you need.

4. During the pause, you can access your creativity and open up your intuition and spiritual pathway to the Divine. If it helps, do something artistic or crafty to break you out of the spell of perceived failure or disappointment. This is also where the GPS comes in. What alternate routes exist or could be opened up in order to achieve the result you were aiming for? What new plans need to be made to pick up where your life took a detour? What if you let your creativity lead you?

5. Inspiration comes sailing down through your crown and bubbling up through your sacral chakra. When you pause and breathe consciously, and that pathway to the Divine opens up, and you let your creativity flow, the inevitable response from you and Spirit is inspiration.

6. Pick at least one solid idea that feels good.

7. Take action from that inspiration and from that place of feeling good about your idea.

Yes, you might need to build up the momentum again, but guess what? You’re moving again. You’re inspired, which means your actions are packed with exponentially more possibility and energy than before. And now, instead of having to climb out of a huge pit, you see there is another easier way out of that pit, or maybe you find that the pit holds something special for you that you weren’t even aware of before.

Your creativity is crucial. Nourish it, play with it, love it and let it live and lead you. It is so deeply connected to your spirit that they are inseparable.

Even if you’re in shock, these steps can still help. Just spread them out, go easy on yourself, give yourself a lot of extra time, and get support.


If you’ve enjoyed this #TruthbyBrenda article, you can go get your free Find Your Voice Gift Pack, and a subscription to my #TruthbyBrenda Soundbytes, videos and ezine at I’m Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman. Blessings of sweet success to you. Until next time, or as we say in the Ojibwe language, ba ma pii.

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