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How to Find Your Purpose

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Here’s a fun piece of advice to any of you who want to live in your purpose.

It’s what I tell my clients when they feel like they don’t know their purpose or they’re just looking for confirmation of their gifts and purpose path.

This might sound a little strange but your purpose lives within 3 to-do lists… but they are NOT the kind of to-do lists you think.

Get out a journal, a piece of paper or a blank Word document.

These are the super simple 3 to-do lists that absolutely carry your purpose within them.

Do these lists in order – and revisit whenever you remember or discover more about yourself.

1) Your Love-To-Do List:

What do you LOVE to do? Write down all the things you love to do, no matter how trivial or purposeless you think they are. Walking in nature, cooking, drawing, laughing at cat videos, I don’t care what it is. In fact, it’s awesome to have some that are quick, light and simple, as well as bigger ones that feel like they’re part of your purpose.

2) Your Easy-To-Do List:

What do you find EASY to do? At this point, don’t worry about whether you love to do these ones or not. Just write down as many things as you can that you are maybe skilled at, or that you learned, became an expert at, or were just born with the gift of being able to do easily.

It’s important to note that just because you find something easy to do doesn’t mean you love doing it. I mean, I find it easy to alphabetize books and files, but do I love it? NOPE. I just used to be a secretary way back when and was very good at organizing files. It served me well back then. Now, no thanks!

Now this is where it really gets into your purpose…

3) Your Love-To-Do and Easy-To-Do Top 5-10:

Find the intersections and make a new list. The top 3 that appear on both lists are the seed of your purpose. 

Doing activities from this 3rd list can bring you into alignment with your purpose, because they are connected to your purpose.

These lists will also lift you up when you’re feeling down. That’s why it’s great to have simple activities like lighting a candle, meditating or listening to your favourite music, for example.

If you hone it down even further to your Top 3, you can be sure that within those 3 “love-to-do and easy-to-do” lists lives your purpose. 

For about 10 years now I’ve given this as an assignment to most of my mentoring/healing clients. So many women have come to me seeking their purpose and this is the one simple step you can take to begin to understand and dive into your purpose, and to give you some hope when you feel lost. 

When my son died, I had to look up my list, which had grown over the years, to find something to bring me out of the shock and trauma and back to my body. My usual go-to’s were not working but I kept on trying and a few days later, listening to my favourite songs brought me back to my body.

The 2020s – this is a time for us to dive into what makes us tick.

When people are living in their purpose and doing things they love to do, they have stronger resilience. They experience more joy even while living with grief, and they are able to connect spiritually to something greater. 

Prompts to Ask Yourself:

When you are going about daily life, pay attention to what lights you up.

What makes your eyes open wide with excitement? What makes you lean forward and get lively in a conversation?

What makes you feel alive?

These are all inroads to your purpose.

My Last Tip:

Don’t file away your last list! Get it into your phone or onto your fridge or in your purse. Practice going to your list and doing the activities there, so they get stored in your body memory along with the positive feelings they give you.




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