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How to Establish Yourself as an Expert in Your Field as a Spiritual Entrepreneur

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Oh, that dreaded word. Expert. It conjures up the thought “Who am I to ____?” I can almost see you cringing. Don’t worry – I’ve got 10 hot tips for you below.

Someone in a Facebook group I’m in just posted the question “What makes you an expert in your field”? Most of the spiritual entrepreneurs I talk to are in total resistance to calling themselves an expert. Cause you know…“it’s just coming through me from Source, it’s not me, it’s the energy, it’s you healing yourself”, I’m just the vehicle, channel etc. etc. etc.. And then a lot of our abilities just kind of came with the package when we arrived on planet Earth this time around. No wonder it’s so hard to think about yourself as an expert.

Problem Is, If YOU Don’t Think of Yourself as an Expert, Then Your Ideal Clients are Going to Go Find Someone Who Does

Without enough credibility, you can end up being the unsung, unpaid underdog. Ringing any bells here?

For me, shyness, self-doubt, perfectionism and believing I had to have more credentials lowered my credibility factor when I first started offering healing as part of my business. So did charging too little for my work.

What might be lowering your credibility? What stops you from claiming that you’re an expert?

The Oxford Dictionary’s definition of credibility is “the quality of being trusted and believed in.” How do you as a spiritual entrepreneur get people to trust and believe in you and your work?

Of course you have to trust and believe in yourself and the value of your work. The more you do, the more your ideal client will.

Feeling like you lack credibility or are not an expert is one of the main reasons so many spiritual entrepreneurs are constantly seeking certification after certification (that they don’t even need) instead of getting themselves out there.

What you need to do is be an expert at being YOU and doing what YOU are amazing at that your ideal client needs, grow your self-confidence in these areas, and deliver it in your own special way that nobody else possibly can. Then you are THE expert because you’ve created your own field and target market and nobody else does what you do  in the way you do it for that target market.

10 Ways To Establish Yourself As An Expert In Your Field:

Expertise = Recognition, Respect and Reputation for being REAL – Rare, Expressive, Authentic & Live – within your tribe. [Click to Tweet]

1. Create your own field and business identity. I created my own field based on who I am and what my gifts are. My title is easy – it’s the Native American name I was given by my elder: Medicine Song Woman. I am the only indigenous shaman and singer who is an expert at helping spiritual women entrepreneurs to find their voice in sales, speaking and networking, and develop and express their spiritual gifts in ways that increase their bottom line. What’s unique about you and how you help people?

2. Uncover, OWN and display the expertise you already have. Not just your certifications and degrees… your life experience and transferrable work experience. I hold no degrees in any of what I do. I took very little training in what I do. All of my gifts I was either born with or it came to me through experience and/or directly from Spirit. I did practice sessions for next to nothing in exchange for testimonials, so I would know the results people were getting and have social proof. I have a BA in English and Humanities. I even graduated at the top of my class. So what? My academic education has nothing to do with how I help people. My experience comes from helping myself and other women to find their voice through drumming and singing over the past 17 years.

3. Develop your own unique signature system. I created the Sacred Feminine Success Path™ based on my experience and what I saw in my clients and workshop attendees. Creating your unique signature system and offerings from it, and working on your self-confidence regularly, makes you stand out as an expert. You’ve got that signature system inside you – you just need to bring it into form.

4. Uncover and own your sacred story, your self-testimonial. You’ve done some amazing stuff. You’ve gotten yourself through the fire to get where you are today. That icky stuff you went through that you’d rather not talk about… that’s powerful stuff. Your audience needs to know that you “get” them. This is how they will know.

5. Testimonials and Case Studies. Best kind: with a picture, full name and if they’re an entrepreneur, provide their URL to help them also attract business. Win-win.

6. Get in the media. I’ve been on all kinds of TV shows, live and recorded. I got my music out to hundreds of radio stations and still get airplay from CD’s that were released several years ago. I’ve been interviewed and featured in documentaries, the news and unique shows on stations like MuchMusic, APTN, OMNI, Global TV, CBC Radio and a ton of college radio stations. And I’ve been featured in a few local newspapers and magazines. Some easier ways to get in the media: Seek out smaller alternative newspapers or magazines and give them an interesting story or ask them to cover your event. Talk to college radio station hosts. You’d be surprised how many people listen to those and how easy it is to get featured.

7. Apply for awards in what you’re great at. Being featured on a Juno Award-winning album way back in the early 90’s, named Toronto’s Aboriginal Businesswoman of the Year in 2007, and nominated for several other awards created me a solid public platform as a singer and entrepreneur. Most awards don’t magically fall into your lap. You or someone representing you have to apply or send in a nomination form.

8. Join relevant associations and get out and network. I’m a proud member of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce and Women in Biz Network, as well as SOCAN for musicians, and I have my own networking meetup, The Spiritual Entrepreneurs Success Circle. When people see you out there in the community, you become well known in your area and people begin to trust and believe in you.

9. Marketing! Marketing isn’t about shoving your stuff down people’s throats or trying to convince people to buy stuff from you. You are not bugging people by sending your list an email. You’re giving them value and inviting them into relevant opportunities. Marketing is about building relationships with the people in your community, providing value through your newsletters, talks, videos, blog etc. and yes, talking about your work so that your ideal client can find you.

10. Last but actually MOST important: Build your CONFIDENCE. be YOU and celebrate your successes publicly. Showcase your credibility in social and traditional media, networking, summits, webinars, events & joint ventures.

CHALLENGE: How can you boost your credibility and move towards establishing yourself as an expert this week? No time like the present, right?

Maybe you start with building your confidence. Or maybe take some baby steps towards creating your signature system by discovering your Spiritpreneur Sweet Spot.

Pick one of these steps and take action.

See you next week.

Lots of Love & Blessings,

Brenda MacIntyre – Medicine Song Woman

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About Brenda MacIntyre

About Brenda MacIntyre

Known by her indigenous name Medicine Song Woman, Brenda MacIntyre has shared her evocative melodic voice and fusion of reggae, rap and indigenous hand drum healing music with appreciative audiences of 30 to 3,000 across North America. The Toronto-based Juno Award-winning singer has been featured nationally on MuchMusic, CTV, CP24, APTN and most recently, Global and the front page of the Toronto Star.

Powered by her grief from losing her son to murder in 2016, Brenda MacIntyre pours her soulful voice over a confluence of indigenous hand drum healing, soft rap and conscious roots reggae in her album “Picking Up the Pieces,” released in September 2019.

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