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How to Create a High End Program for Your Ideal Client

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Get Motivated Excited and Encouraged SpeedometerOn May 30, I posted this on Facebook (yes! I get spiritual downloads from posting on Facebook lol):

“OMG I am SO. FIRED. UP. Here’s a HUGE TIP for all of you who think you have to have your entire program designed before you go out to get clients. YOU DON’T. If you hold the intention high enough and with enough focus and commitment, and you have the bullet points of what you want to deliver, then let it come through you directly from Source, and when you need the content, it shows up. Course, you need to stay out of fear too. I have a class to give in 35 minutes, and just had a spiritual download of the content (like I do each week) in less than 15 minutes. Class is ready and I am ON FIRE with it! Woohoo!!! Client Enrollment Mastery Circle peeps, this is for you ladies!! P.S. Yes, there is an art to this and NO, it’s not just because I’m me.”

So here it is!

How (and Why) to Design Programs by Spiritual Download

WHY? Why take the risk of not having your content perfectly created well in advance for every teleclass or workshop or keynote you create?

You may experience a sudden increase in clients (Yay!) or you may experience a lack of new clients. If you experience a sudden lack of new clients, don’t worry. It’s because you’re anchoring in a pretty high frequency over the next few days. If this happens to you, clear as much time and space as you can to allow the energy to flow… and really for all of you, prepare to receive clients who are at a higher level than who you usually attract into your business.

1. If you’re anything like me or the hundreds of women entrepreneurs I’ve talked to, you can get so caught up in perfectionism that a creation gets shelved before it ever gets born.

2. All that perfectionism can wear a person down, sapping your energy and bringing you down! And it eats up your time!

3.. If you allow your content to pour through you as a spiritual download, it is vastly more powerful, carries energy and spirit, and people will FEEL it more than if it were prepared ahead of time.

4. It’s EASIER than having to sit down and edit version after version of the content. Physically easier – less work – but also emotionally easier.

5. It’s where the MAGIC is.

HOW do you go about creating a program on the fly as you move through it?

1. What are the results and benefits your ideal client can expect if he or she works with you over time? For this, you will need to know what your people are struggling with and aspiring toward… and who your people are.

2. Create your Sacred Signature System FIRST. Everything you offer your clients ideally will be based on this. Your Sacred Signature System is something unique to you and your business, a step by step process designed especially for your ideal client, presented in a way that compels your ideal client to want to step into it. (I have a VIP Day to help you design your own, so if you want help with this, just email me and I’ll send you an application).

3. Create the sacred container. And then the content can come. Just like you’re a human body for spiritual downloads/information/energy to flow through, your program is a physical creation and needs a sacred container to hold all of its elements and flow energy through.

4. Let your program be based on your Sacred Signature System, which is based on what you absolutely love and find easy to do that your ideal client actually wants.

5. Create a PRIVATE ONE-ON-ONE program FIRST. Once you can fill that with ideal ongoing clients, then if you want, create something for a group.

6. Create the bones, the structure of the program. How many classes or sessions does it have? How long will it take for someone to complete? What bonuses will be included? What is the investment?

7. BIG HUGE TIP: Get on the phone. Talk to your ideal client. See what they’re looking for. Base the program on what you find out.

8. Practice allowing information to flow through you. The more you get used to trusting yourself and the information, and allowing it to flow, the better you get at it.

9. Once you have the structure – the sacred container – and you have enough information on it to create the benefits sheet for it, you can start selling the program.

10. NOW FOR THE DOWNLOAD! RELAX, OPEN UP AND ALLOW the information to FLOW through you. This is how inspiration is made manifest, how I’m able to channel healing songs one after the other. Let yourself be the riverbed through which the river flows. Get your head out of the way – by NOT letting fear take over. Allow your market research and sales calls (talking to your people to see what they want) to bring you information.

RESULTS: You become known as THE Expert in what ONLY YOU do.

Your program is more magnetic to your ideal client.

Your clients get better results.

You make more money.

Your spiritual gifts grow and expand.

Note: If you want my personal help with this, email me and I’ll be happy to send you an application for my “Opening the Portal to Your Power” VIP Day program in which we will do this together.

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  1. Angela

    Hi Brenda, I only heard part of the last of the call – this program for me looks like the labour program i was looking for – i had head a 3month program on Saturday -hence my email yesterday to you. This looks great — I will not call in right now, because i have a scheduled call with you Friday so I will leave space for someone else at this time.
    Love to hear from you at your convenience,

    thanks so much




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