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How Do I Price My Services?

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A friend on Facebook opened up a conversation the other day on “charging your worth”, and I’m so passionate about this subject that my response got, well, a little long. (: So I turned it into this week’s article. I hope it helps you in your pricing decisions. My little rant on charging your worth…

It is important to step into charging what you’re worth – and it’s equally important to remember that your client is not investing in YOU… they are investing in THEMSELVES.

For me, “charging what you’re worth” is based on vibrational frequency, alignment, value and what my clients are actually getting from me. The most important element there is that it feel good to me and that it pull my client into commitment to going deep since we’re primarily working on helping them find their voice, bring out their power and spiritual gifts, and allow their spirit to come out and play in new ways in their business (scary for many).

Confidence definitely comes into play here bigtime. If you’re not confident in your fees, nobody is going to buy from you. If you’re charging too little, it won’t feel right and the same thing can happen. I’ve had new clients tell me their clients were telling them to please raise their fees. In my experience, with spiritual solopreneurs, that comes from a vibrational mismatch, low self-worth and a lack of understanding of the value of what they have to offer.

That does NOT make you inherently wrong, so don’t beat yourself up over this! You just need the right tools and support to create and stand in your power with appropriate fees for your services.

The structure and fees of your services can make your business sink or swim, and when we add our energy and stories about money into the picture, it gets even more challenging. Here’s an example of what happens with a high end business model:

What my clients are paying me for is much deeper and wider than a block of time. For my private clients, I’m holding sacred space for them over 6 months to a year, even when we aren’t on the phone. There are a number of measures in place to help them to succeed that go beyond any one session, from my own unique body of work that comes from Spirit and out of my lived experience. So instead of a session or package of sessions for private clients, I require a 6 month or 1 year commitment so we can go really deep. Even my one-day VIP Day program includes 30 days of additional support plus pre-work and a jumpstart call. So you can see that by making a commitment to your clients and asking them to make a commitment to working with you, it uplevels your client results and your prices then have very little or nothing to do with what everyone else is charging.

Though “my worth” can’t be based in numbers or dollars, what I can hold space for in my field and bank account can be. And. Since I had zero self-worth and was on welfare for nearly half my life, I can say from personal experience (and I’ve seen with my clients) that raising your fees, at least the way I do it, can be an act of personal development, integrity, and honouring yourself, your experiences and your gifts.

Often the biggest growth edge for spiritual entrepreneurs can be creating an alignment between our value, frequency and currency.

Money, when treated respectfully and seen for what it really is, is a form of intimacy. It is about bringing together 2 people, and for me, 2 businesses, and at a heart and spirit level, bringing into solid form something deeper, more daring and vibrant, that holds more life.

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About Brenda MacIntyre

About Brenda MacIntyre

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