Health & Wellness Disclaimer

You acknowledge and understand that Brenda MacIntyre is not a medically licensed physician. The suggestions and recommendations made by her during this livestream or any private session with Brenda are not a substitute for prompt medical attention. If you think or know that you may be experiencing a medical condition, it is your responsibility to seek prompt appropriate medical attention.

The information during this livestream is not intended to be medical education, and does not create any client-mentor/healer relationship.

Results from using the information from this livestream will vary from individual to individual. It is your responsibility to report any changes in your health and well-being to your regular health care provider(s). 

You acknowledge that Brenda MacIntyre’s drumming, singing, energy work and spiritual mentoring, and the information she receives spiritually are not meant to be a replacement for any prescription or medical diagnosis. You must consult with a licensed physician for prescriptions or medical diagnoses. Brenda MacIntyre will not be held responsible for your misuse of her recordings, suggestions and comments or for the relief or lack of relief of symptoms regarding your health or the well-being of your business.

You release Brenda MacIntyre from any and all liabilities or claims of whatever nature that may result from this livestream, or from your failure to pursue medical remedies for any physical or psychological ailments.


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