Music & Messages from the Medicine Song Oracle Cards™

I’m so happy you’re gifting yourself with the medicine of this music and the message for the Medicine Song Oracle Card™ you’ve received! These cards and the music are to help you find your voice, speak your truth and develop your self-trust and intuition.

Look at the top of your card. On the left is the title of the song your card matches. Below you will find 13 groups of 4 cards each. Your card is in one of these groups.

Each group is based on a medicine song by me, Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman. Hover over the middle between the cards for a message about the song and painting for your card.

The audio player has an audio clip of each of the 13 songs, so that you can experience the musical medicine of your card.


P.S. If you’d like the full guidebook, all 13 healing songs, and your own deck of 56 beautiful full colour oracle cards, click here.

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Preview audio clips of the music below:

Medicine Song Oracle Cards™

Want the whole Medicine Song Oracle Deck™ of 56 cards, plus the guidebook (with 4 card reading spreads, song lyrics and how to develop your voice and intuition using the cards) and 13 matching healing songs?

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