Music & Messages from the Medicine Song Oracle Cards™

I’m so happy you’re gifting yourself with the medicine of this music and the message for the Medicine Song Oracle Card™ you’ve received! These cards and the music are to help you find your voice, speak your truth and develop your self-trust and intuition.

Look at the top of your card. On the left is the title of the song your card matches. Below you will find 13 groups of 4 cards each. Your card is in one of these groups.

Each group is based on a medicine song by me, Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman. Hover over the middle between the cards for a message about the song and painting for your card.

The audio player has an audio clip of each of the 13 songs, so that you can experience the musical medicine of your card.


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Tune in to your solar plexus, your power centre. Can you own that you are amazing? We are all unique and we are all amazing for one reason or another. We just need to own it.
This one is obvious. Jump in with both feet! No more toe-dipping. Trust the water and trust yourself. Are you stuck behind a boulder? Or are you allowing the lifeblood of your passion move you?
When you get a Be Here Now card, you’re probably having a hard time staying present to some situation in your life. Or it might be time to take up meditation. Part of you is in your comfort zone and part of you is ready to shed the skin and move into a new zone. Something new is beginning or about to begin.
Crystal Clear is a water healing song. Since we are made up of water, we can create crystal clarity within us by singing or playing this song to ourselves. Where might you need clarity in your life? In what ways might you be keeping yourself unclear and why? When your body, mind and spirit are clear, you can create much more powerfully.
You’re in for some letting go. Maybe you need a cry session. Maybe you need to get rid of some anger. Whatever it is, take the steps that show themselves to you, to let go and you will find freedom.
Here’s what it looks like to be fully in your zone. Not your comfort zone but your vortex, that divine connection zone where all parts of you and all the desires you have put forth are in alignment. How true is that for you right now? It might be time to celebrate and call forth more of what you desire. Or you may have gotten distracted and fallen out of your connection zone and back into your comfort zone. Connect with Spirit and trust your inner and higher realms guidance.
The portal to something amazing is open. What are you going to do about it? Thunderbird soars ahead of you to clear your path. You need only sound your voice and speak your truth, to keep the portal open. Then you’ll need to step through it and walk through whatever comes up along the way.
Life is full of experiences, some incredibly joyful and others not so much. Whatever you are experiencing right now, you can look for the teachings an blessings that are a part of every single experience we have. The song “One of the Things” is about not taking life so seriously, and going with the flow.
It’s your time to shine. It’s that simple. Whatever you’ve been holding back, keeping unexpressed, it’s time to bring that out now, into its fullest expression. If you get a “Shine”card, trust in your self-expression. Dumbing yourself down spiritually, or hiding your beautiful voice, will not serve you now. Claim your light.
If you draw this card, chances are you’re on the cusp of drawing back the curtain and showing the world more of who you really are. You might be hiding parts of yourself from the world. No more hiding! It’s definitely time to burst out with yourself, like this star gone supernova.
Is it time for a “visionquest?” Do you maybe need to take some time to go inward to receive your next instructions on where to go or what to create next? Has your world been shaken a bit and now you need to create a “re-vision” of your future?
Our whole planet Mother Earth is of course re-awakening, re-creating herself. We are so closely connect to Mother Earth that we are also experiencing our own re-awakenings. Small ones, big ones and anything in between. Spiritual downloads, new forms of expression, and even our bodies are evolving. The crane represents leadership. Let your inner leader soar.
The song “Woman” is an honour song for women and for the sacred feminine within us all. You might have forgotten to honour and celebrate yourself. The painting shows the mother-to-be and her womb, in which all is taken care of and loved. Truly honour yourself during this time of sacred creation.
These cards are meant to remind you of the wildness within. Most of us don\'t allow our wildness to come out. If you get a wildcard, find a way to let that wildness out. Do something you normally wouldn\'t do. Express yourself a little or a lot more. No song for wildcards because you get to hum or sing to yourself.

Preview audio clips of the music below:

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