4 Ways to Fill Your Empty Cup to Overflowing: Let me show you how to truly unplug and fill your sacred cup to overflowing, so that you can hold space for the people you care about, and even for the healing of the planet and humanity, without losing yourself or your energy.

Empaths Are the Real Influencers: How Spiritual Connection Is Influencing the World

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I’m having a spiritual vision and it’s hard to describe. It’s like so much negative energy, thought and emotion all at once – on top of going through a pandemic – has collectively exhausted empaths. In the aftermath of that exhaustion, empaths will be collectively activated and restructured so that we can handle the higher frequency energies pouring in, as well as influence lower energies. What does our top priority need to be now?

On an energy level, this election south of the Canadian border has come with a shockwave that washed over us and unplugged many empaths and other people from a state of disconnection… literally disconnecting us from the disconnect. That abrupt change can feel jarring and confusing (remember Neo in the Matrix? yep). It also feels liberating, expansive and powerful.

If you’ve been feeling drained, overwhelmed, unusually tired, groggy, foggy, anxious, depressed, angry or irritated, we are about to get a little infusion of energy and Light. You may have already felt a jolt of that energy and Light in your body or energy system. It’s like we’ve been temporarily placed in this higher frequency space where we can begin to get used to experiencing prolonged higher frequency energy. This way we will be able to easily influence people in a good way. The opposite is becoming untrue though, which is wonderful.

The power of influence has shifted. Our appetite for illusion has all but fizzled out. It will no longer be so easy to negatively influence people (or to be negatively influenced), because so many of us are awake now and reclaiming who we are that it’s becoming, dare I say, normal!

Empaths are the real influencers. I know it can feel like the opposite and here’s why. In order to influence people with our higher frequencies, coming from a place of love and compassion, we need to be able to be grounded, hold space and have our boundaries just as strong as our openness and connection. Discernment becomes even more important. Who and what gets to enter your spaces, thoughts, beliefs and emotions? We need to practice excellent energetic/spiritual hygiene. Once you strengthen your boundaries, discernment and groundedness, and really believe in yourself, your presence all by itself will influence others toward more of the same, and instead of feeling like your strings are being pulled, you’ll be in command of yourself and able to access your higher resources.

How do you positively influence people? When do you notice yourself being influenced? Find your centre and ground yourself in it. Empaths are easily influenced by others but we can turn that upside down and be the influence. It’s time for empaths to gather our energies now so that we can be the influence and facilitate positive change in more powerful ways.

The Light is shining brightly from each of us now to reveal who we truly are. We need to ramp up and follow our inner and higher guidance now more than ever. People will show you who they are. Pay attention to all your senses and trust them.

This is a time of swift transformation but we are being handed a bit of a break here.

I can feel so many souls waking up, so many tired souls relieved to have reached this place in our human evolution.

We’ve kind of been put into a waiting room, a liminal space where we can BREATHE again and really feel and receive illumination – actual Light but also wisdom and inspiration. It’s time to gather our energies back to ourselves.

It’s time to rest, reflect, renew and receive, so that we can fully reawaken.

Allow yourself this time. Do what you need to do but also make time for receiving, connecting inward and connecting with Spirit.

It’s a good time to drink lots of water and nourish yourself however you can.

We had to unplug first. Imagine it this way. We were psychologically, psychically and emotionally intubated with lies, outdated truths and confusion. We had to work extra hard to stay on path with our lives and to make a positive difference in a world seemingly going mad. It’s not like that time is over, but we’ve come far enough that we are about to have an acceleration, so get ready.

Imagine a big shockwave of light washes over us, which then disconnects you from all those lies, from the old systems and structures that are now falling down, and even from all you’ve believed to be true up to now. It’s almost like being hypnotized and then being jolted out of it.

It’s like we had to disconnect from ourselves, each other and, to a degree, life itself, in order to remember who we are as individuals and as the human race. Now we need to plug back into Life. Love. Source energy. God/dess. Universe. That expansive energy that breathes us and connects us all.

We are here to make life better for the next 7 generations. It’s time to dream, to vision, and to receive the path forward.

We have a short time to regenerate, recharge and reconnect to what matters the most to us, and to our true selves. Then it’s time for collective action on all levels.

Will you answer the call?

Love & Blessings,

Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman



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About Brenda MacIntyre

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