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Are You in the Drone Zone? (Part 2 – Your Voice)

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Are you in Drone Zone #2? Last week, I shared about DRONE ZONE #1: Silencing Your Inner Rebel (Your Inner Leader in Disguise!)

This week I want to talk with you about Drone Zone #2: Charlie-Brown’s-Teacher-itis.

You ever been in a conversation where the person is so boring all you can do is think of how to get away? How about that person who talks super-fast in the same tone of voice and you just can’t even take in the information she’s giving you?

Well, you don’t want to be that person – unless you’re leading a guided meditation. (: If you speak on stage with that kind of voice, you’ll lose your audience. If you’re on a sales call, you make it harder to sell yourself. If you’re networking, people won’t hear or understand you (believe me, I’ve been there). Add nerves to the picture, and you’re really in trouble.

TIP: You don’t want to swing the opposite way of the Drone Zone with your voice either. To the listener, it can feel like you’re scratching your fingernails across a blackboard. Yikes!

Many women actually NEED a bit of drone in their voice, because they have high-pitched or thin voices. Did you know that’s actually incredibly annoying to most men? They can’t help it. It’s the way they’re designed.

So if you’re working with men at all, or just talking with them, or if you have sons, you’ll want to bring in more drone if you have a high-pitched or thin voice. It will totally change the way men respond to you. 😉

Here Are The 3 Elements of Your Voice That Can Put You Either IN or OUT of Drone Zone #2

1. TONE: What’s your tone of voice when you’re talking with a potential client? How about when you’re on stage? Each is different, but in both cases, you need to have some colour in your voice. Otherwise, listening to you can be like watching “snow” on a television when the channel isn’t working. Or if your tone is too aggressive, people can feel like backing away. One of the problems with being deeply spiritually connected as well as grounded (and then add shy or introverted to the picture) is that we can get into this meditative quiet tone of voice. That means that no matter how great your voice is, the person on the other end of a sales conversation can end up lost, or find it hard to focus on what you’re actually saying. Tone is where our emotions can show up too, so before a sales call, you’ll want to get those emotions in check. You know where “Don’t take that tone of voice with me, young lady!” comes from. Never feels good to hear it either, does it? What if your tone of voice was welcoming, like a special invitation instead?

2. VOLUME: Do you ever notice people backing away from you when you talk? Or are they leaning in to try to hear you more clearly? Or are they ignoring you completely (because they just can’t hear you)? If you have a naturally soft, quiet voice, you need to get used to bringing up the volume a little… or maybe even a lot. If you naturally get pretty loud, you might need to step it back a little. Notice people’s body language when they’re listening to you in a conversation. Honestly, sometimes I have to bring up my vocal volume, because I tend to be pretty quiet in a crowd and I have a bit of a low meditative voice. For me, I need to add volume and a bit of edge and more colour to my voice in a networking situation or when I’m leading a webinar. When I’m on stage it seems to come naturally (I think I’m in love with microphones and great sound systems lol).

SPEAKING TIP: Talk directly into the mic. Hold it about an inch from your mouth. That way more of the colour of your voice comes through. When you hold the mic too far away from your mouth, your voice can end up sounding brassy, tinny and annoying, whereas when you use the mic well, your voice will sound warmer, richer and more welcoming. If you already speak quite loudly, you might want to bring down your volume a bit. Always do a sound check if you can have it arranged. Pssst… When you say “p” words, make the “p” as soft as you can, so you can avoid what my producer calls “p-pops” (when the mic suddenly gets super loud and it sounds like you dropped it lol).

3. ENERGY: So what if you get your volume just right, and your tone of voice is wecolming and inviting… but you’ve just had an argument with your husband, or you’re super-nervous about selling yourself, or you’re afraid to charge a decent fee for your services. Or what if you’re freaking out about paying the bills and thinking, wow, if I don’t get this client, what am I going to do? What happens: You lose the sale. They back away and even they can’t figure out why, but it’s a feeling they get in their gut, like woah, something’s just not feeling right here. Your energy is SO IMPORTANT, because it comes right through your voice in the form of vibration and frequency, through the phone line and into the body, mind and energy field of the person you’re talking to (your whole audience if you’re speaking!). THAT is how POWERFUL your VOICE truly is. Yep.

So how do you handle this? How do you get out of Drone Zone #2 or avoid it altogether?

•  Increase Your Self-Confidence particularly in your client enrolment conversations, networking and speaking.

•  Strengthen Your Voice and BREATHE deeply to bring up the volume.

•  Get beyond the hold that self-doubt and fear have had on you for this and other lifetimes about being seen, heard, and recognized for your gifts and positive qualities.

•  Clear Your Inner Sacred Feminine Success Path from your belly up to your mouth, so that your voice can flow more cleanly and powerfully with your energy in it.

•  Throat Chakra Healing – Cleaning Up Your Energy. Over about 17 years of helping women find their voice, I discovered that many women will have a lump in their throat or a sore throat or come up against an invisible wall that stops them from expressing their deep inner truths and their gifts. This goes back to that self-doubt and fear (even terror) of being seen and heard. Clean up your energy and take consistent care of your throat chakra, and that wall will come down. And that means you will be able to ask for and receive what you desire (like clients, money and respect) as well.

One way to do ALL of these things is to work with my proven Sacred Feminine Success Path system that I developed over 17 years of helping women to find their voice through working with the power of medicine songs, the medicine of silence, uncovering your sacred story and your true voice, and my most powerful breathing technique, as well as learning how to use your voice as sacred medicine.

The cool thing is, every single person who has worked my system has had those results, plus a bonus one… the ability (or increased ability) to bring healing energy through your body and your voice. It’s magical how it happens, just from learning the system and implementing the practices.

You will begin to create and open a clear energetic and physical pathway through which your gifts, power and voice will be able to flow to anyone you communicate with.

Love & Blessings,

Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman



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About Brenda MacIntyre

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