FIND YOUR VOICE: 3 Spirit-Infused Steps to Instantly Boost Your Confidence, Bypass Perfectionism and Help You Speak Your Truth

Spiritual Mentoring & Re-Awakening Clients Rave

Working with Brenda was an “of course I need to do that” for me.  

I began work with Brenda in the Sacred Feminine Success Path™ Program, so I knew the power she brings to helping women find their voice. When she called me about the Voice Spirit Power Mastermind, it was a YES. I knew I wanted to discover more of my voice, my spirit and my power.

Before the mastermind, struggle felt inevitable and overwhelming. Now it feels like part of life and I still get to be who I am within it, perhaps even discover more of who I am as I walk through the process. I shifted from feeling alone to supported, and from looking to external answers to finding my answers within my own heart.

She taught practical tools as well as providing the place where we could practice using our voice, expressing our spirit and power and stretching our wings. I was supported in what I was walking through, flooded with healing sounds, given the gift of being heard and the gift of perspective that helped the lessons to become a part of me and a part of how I move in the world.

I imagined new possibilities and ways of being and started to practice those. I began to speak my truth not only when it was easy but in all situations.

I faced some really difficult circumstances that, honestly, scared me and felt so out of my control. It was really significant to the support of Brenda and the group in a time of upheaval and change. That support helped me connect more deeply to my center and Higher Power.

I stepped into my own power, took risks, shared bravely, stepped out of old patterns that had been hard to shake, and forged a new way. I valued myself in the choices I made and the choices brought me to a place where I really value the treasure of who I am.  

Now I am clearer in who I am and how to embody and express that and this impacts everything.

It is fun to honor and return to gifts I had let slide. I am more connected to life and the people around me. I am more aware of the power I have to be and express myself; that makes life simpler and more fun.

Kate Furnish

Now that my writer is unblocked, I’ve written my first award-winning, best-selling book!

My biggest life challenge was uncovering, discovering and recovering my true, authentic self. I was the master of self-sabotage. I knew my wellspring of creative self-expression was way deep down inside but I needed a spiritual facilitator to help me retrieve, own, and share more and more of my treasures.

Brenda is positive and professional. She always checked in and stayed attuned to where I was in all our sessions together. Since working with Brenda, my physical health has improved, new resources have come into my life (energy medicine healers) to help me and I’m well on my way to accomplishing my goal of curing my disease and living a healthy, happy life.

I now have a loving, compassionate, self-healing relationship with Me. I feel happier and healthier every minute of every day. I am grounded and centered in my True Self 24/7. I use Brenda’s Medicine Song Healing Meditation every day, which enhances my spirituality, creativity and physicality.

Now that, thanks to Brenda’s love and expertise, my writer is unblocked, I’ve written my first award-winning, best-selling book, Journaling Power: How To Create The Happy, Healthy Life You Want To Live and it will be published this summer.

Since I’m no longer carrying around the responsibility of saving the whole world, my now healthy self has attracted the ideal clients I want!

Mari L. McCarthy
Founder and Journaling Power Guide /

I have always experienced you primarily as a healer, and your gifts to me…  of healing and of believing in myself as a healer… were profound. Not to mention confidence to be in front of groups.  I was terrified, and now I’m not. It’s that simple. Thank you.

As always, I admire the energy, commitment and sheer determination you bring to life and to your business.

I just stumbled into a population that is ripe for the mind-body self care I love to teach — medical professionals. I wasn’t looking for them, in fact I was trying to get to their patients! But now they are inviting me to give talks and asking for programs for themselves and I realize this one is a gift from the universe. I am not choosing it, it is choosing me. And it actually IS a path to their patients… just not the one I was looking for! 🙂

Mayana Williamson

I was feeling very frustrated in my professional life and my life purpose as for me they are the same. I had started doubting my talents because of a lack of clients and I was looking for clarity around this. Spiritual and business clarity.

The session I had with Brenda was truly amazing and the information that came through was so spot on it was mind-blowing. The very intimate nature of the content especially so – I mean really my deepest inner thoughts that I had never shared with anyone. So I knew that it was true. I did receive the all important confirmation that I was on purpose as well as extra guidance on how to implement these. I was also advised to try out these new skills and get feedback from clients. Clarity is so important for me and I got this with Brenda.

I know I am on purpose and with the new skills I received. I am on fire! J This means so much to me to receive this confirmation because I felt like giving up for good.

Brenda is amazing and she has her feet firmly in both the business and spiritual realms. She is totally neutral and present throughout the sessions, as well as providing support during sessions. I appreciate feeling that I could go to Brenda with any of my questions no matter how wacky they seemed.

I feel much more confident about my life and business now. I know what I can do and it makes me feel humbled and honoured.

I have been given the green light and now it is just a matter of connecting with my ideal clients. For so long I had doubted myself but now I have embraced my Greatness and feel really excited to get to work (or play).

Trilby D. Johnson
Body-Brain Reformer /

Speaking Clients Rave

Out of all the speakers, you stood out so much to me and in fact I cried when I heard you speak about what your motivation is that keeps you going everyday to run your business. I cried because I have the same motivation: to help women remember who they are and feel their true power again. I’m a new mum and am just putting the bones of my business together. For now my priority are my little 3 children. I had depression as a new mum and through all the work I did on myself, I now am creating a business to help other similar mums heal themselves, reconnect to their power and create their true life. I really resonate with your message and you and your essence just heals me when I hear you!

Melissa Cuzzilla
Spiritual Teacher for New Mothers /

Wonderful again, Brenda. You are an inspiration. Thanks for making the SEDI Awards even better!

Casey Cosgrove
Social and Enterprise Development Innovations

Our most sincere thank you for sharing your songs and your words with us tonight. What a beautiful voice!

Austin Acton
The Indigenous Law Journal at the University of Toronto

Energy and sound healer, motivational speaker and Juno award-winning singer, Medicine Song Woman, Brenda MacIntyre has been an integral part of our International Women’s Day and First Nation’s Day celebrations, both as a phenomenal keynote speaker and as an extremely gifted facilitator of the “Sing Your Self Alive” workshops, always to a capacity-crowd.  Brenda’s empathetic, knowledgeable and respectful delivery is inclusive and welcoming.  We are honoured to have Brenda MacIntyre in our lives, and it is with absolute consensus that we recommend and promote Brenda in any way that we can. She has so many gifts to share.

Elisa Char Guilbeault
Community Program Coordinator / Mattawa Women’s Resource Centre

Your performance at the conference was very powerful. Thank You for performing.

Aidan Lumley
The Lung Association

Sharing your personal experiences at the Women of Influence and Inspiration seminar helped to inspire others and you did make a difference. Your words touched many and the stories you shared were very moving. Your performance of the song “Amazing” was just that, “amazing,” and the participants were very moved by the words, the sound and the message. You are a delightful speaker and helped to make the seminar a success.

Linda Lane
Women of Influence and Inspiration Seminar Coordinator / Ontario Public Service

Her compelling introduction and gracious presence opened the audience to truly appreciate another level of interaction.

Tanmayo Krupanszky
Coordinator / Canadian Organic Growers Association

The standard of your performance and the quality of your work reaped praise and applaud from our visitors as well as the members of the CNE board and staff. Your contribution to the Canadian International Artist Forum is appreciated and much admired.

Asma Arshad Mahmood
Project Director / Cre8iv80 Studio

Hi Brenda, We love your voice and what you do with your musical gifts.  It was a pleasure.

Jane Turrittin
Centre for Equity in Health & Society

We were approached by a number of young participants who commented on your incredible talent and the power of your Healing Song. Many shared that your teachings helped them to feel comfortable and empowered them to speak out. Your teachings helped me to center myself during an exhilarating, yet hectic week.

Julie Coultas
Project Officer / United Nations Association in Canada

I was just on a beautiful, powerful and delicious free tele-call with gifted Brenda MacIntyre! Brenda, thank you for offering yourself as a divine vehicle for truth and love. I received, through your meditation and songs, some very clear and perfect messages about my future work! Namaste!!!

Erica Ross

Event Attendees Rave

Thanks so much, Brenda, for that great workshop you gave us!  It really did help me feel more confident about what I am doing & confirmed the strength of my vision/purpose!

Nancy Lew

Brenda MacIntyre, Thank you so much for such a lovely evening, I feel blessed to have been a part of it, and to share my first experience with your cards with Erica Ross. I am grateful for having found you last year and I look forward to enjoy many more spiritually sacred success circles. Xoxo

Casey Erin MacIntyre

Thank you so much Brenda MacIntyre for an amazing evening. I went home singing and felt a shift in my creative expression… the oracle cards were right on. I feel like I am finding my voice. Thank you to all of the beautiful women for co-creating such a sacred space. Mwah!

Brie Pawlak

Thank-you, Brenda, for the special time we had in Calgary.  The combination of business/personal development and soulful singing was profound.  My absolute favourite part of the workshop was when you sung “Amazing” to us.  It felt like a mother singing her babies a life-changing lullaby.


Brenda’s workshop was a deeply heartening experience for me.  I met with business women who are just like me:  we bring spirit and soul into our work.  It was a space where we could all be ourselves and share freely.   Besides all the wonderful woo-woo stuff, Brenda gave some fantastic practical business advice.  Through Brenda’s powerful song I was able to connect with spirit and I felt revitalized.  I literally felt it in my body, at my core, in my solar plexus.  Being able to vocalize the sound was a freeing experience and I felt joyful.  It made me want to come back for more and I’m kind of addicted to her songs now.

Jennifer Houghton
Yoga Teacher & Confidence Craftsperson /

Worthiness and fear of success have been strong blockages for me.  How can I claim my soul purpose as the place where I build material wealth?  Why is what I have to share, my story, important for other’s to hear?  It is this insecurity that hinders my ability to share my gifts confidently and knowingly.

Brenda’s workshop showed me how much power a temporary community holds. To build a community to support growth is very nurturing.  No one can bring out your voice for you, however they may ask you to participate, to engage.  At Brenda’s workshop, I engaged my voice with the voices of others and this in turn supported my ability to speak from a place of power.

What has shifted for me the most since the workshop is the importance of communicating from a place of knowing rather than reaction.  It is so powerful to bring the breath into the tummy and cultivate an atmosphere of listening with intent as well as responding with intent.

During the workshop, I felt curious and anxious about what finding your voice really means.  My confidence ebbs and flows and so in the workshop I experienced some shyness and also confidence.  Singing with others and drumming tethered me to a place where I was part of healing, learning and sharing.  I felt a renewed sense of commitment to myself and the amount of power I can bring to networking for my business.

I will participate more with groups and seek support from communities that support my goals and needs as a woman entrepreneur. I am practicing breathing in through my belly when having important conversations and looking at this practice as grounding the voice, just as one grounds the body in Yoga or meditation.  The voice is such an important messenger and tool for us to use. There is always room to improve our communication.

I no longer look at networking the same way. It will still be challenging in some situations, but now I look at it as sharing my gifts and others have the choice to unwrap it or not.  I don’t feel I have to force myself to sell.

Mollie Kindred
Intuitive Card Reader and Coach /

Brenda MacIntyre is an extraordinary and rare healer. She creates a beautiful space with her presence and caring. Through her loving and honest nature she is able to help women connect and see who they really are.

I had the fortune of participation in her S.W.E.E.T Success Experience daylong event. The next day I presented an important project. I usually have public speaking anxiety. However, after the experience with Brenda, I was completely calm and at peace during my presentation.

Brenda has a way of helping that is incredibly powerful yet feels subtle, natural, and fun.

Thank you Brenda, for helping me know what is possible.

Kasha Herba

Brenda MacIntyre makes a difference in people’s lives.  I attended her SWEET Success Experience event in Toronto on March 20, 2014 and her powerful voice and message made me feel open in ways that are impossible for words to describe.  Her event was so powerful and penetrating, you cannot censor music or defend against the spiritual message in the music that comes through her, it goes straight into you, into your heart and into your body.  And Brenda is very real, she speaks to you with no false pretenses or hidden agenda and I found that to be a wonderful demonstration of how to be in the world   In essence, she’s giving me permission to be myself in the world too.

Alice Hwang
Musician /

Hi Brenda……..I just had a chance to listen to the closing call and I have to say that the meditation and the song at the end were so powerful for me. The energy and heat that I felt coming through my hands were incredible……..LOVED IT……..thank you so much again for putting the Winter Solstice celebration together……I’m still in the process of connecting with the people that participated, but am so grateful for all the gifts…..I just feel so honoured to have been a part of it and I am so grateful for meeting and connecting with you when you were here in Vancouver. I appreciate you so much!

Sheila Sutherland

Music-Lovers Rave

Brenda’s singing is simply amazing. Of course I expected a beautiful voice from her, but what completely surprised and moved me was the profound emotion that her singing evokes.

Before I listened to Brenda’s singing, I never considered the simple, but mighty power of sound. It never occurred to me that love and connection could be carried through someone’s voice, and yet, that’s exactly what happened the first time I heard Brenda.

The first time I was on one of her calls and she started singing a channeled song, I immediately felt more at peace and comforted. After a few minutes, I felt a much deeper relaxation, like I’d been meditating for an hour.

It’s as if all of her love and compassion for the world gets transmitted through her voice and the phone lines. And every call with her is that way.

It’s wonderful to know that I have Brenda’s powerful voice at my fingertips to help me get calm and centered when I’m stressed or worried.

Diane Whiddon
Geek Goddess and Website Designer /

I am very sensitive to energy and I got a lot of inner joy from hearing your angelic voice and the beat of the drum. I could feel it in my soul.

Rhonda Brain

It seems I first discovered you almost 2 years ago. I do a gifted remote healing to my team every Sunday night for the past 6 months and the results have been astounding and miraculous at times.

Typically I just put on one of my healing CD’s during the healing but about 5 minutes in last night I decided to combine your music with the healing! It totally intensified the results. One person had Spirit tell him a verbal message. Nothing like that had ever happened to him before.

I am very, very connected to Native American spirituality.  Thank you so much for YOU and everything you represent. Hugs and love!

Maggie Hickey Wildey

Just wanted to share how much I am enjoying the CD. I love all of it and my favorite is Spirit Connection – the drums’ heartbeat and your ethereal voice makes me feel like I’m in a wonderful trance of bliss and peace. Some days I sway and move my body to the beat and others I just sit back and float.  You are quite gifted, my friend.

Myriam Oliveras
Certified Empowerment Coach /

Brenda MacIntyre – Medicine Song Woman, I’m sitting here thinking of what I would most want for yule…….and I remembered a special woman who I had talked to a couple times on the computer! A kind woman who helped me get through some rough times with her wisdom and powerful songs! “One People” got me through A LOT and “Crystal Clear!” I have found your CDs on Amazon and I am just the HAPPIEST person alive right now!

Richard Earl Standingbear

I love Brenda MacIntyre’s Medicine Song CD. It’s so inspiring, and the guide book stories enrich them. I’ve ordered the package with Oracle Cards. This isn’t something I normally do, but Brenda’s work comes from a deep place. It reaches my core, and I saw recently how it touches others’, too. Highly recommended. You can sample some of the songs on YouTube, I understand, too.

Holly G Genser

Oracle Deck Lovers Rave

I wanted some help and tools with a few areas of my life and one thing was my interest in VPS (voice, power, spirit). I decided to attend Brenda’s live webinar and take the Medicine Song Oracle Cards™ course. As part of the course, I was delighted to have a reading with Brenda. During the reading, I asked a question and it was clear and very helpful for action and flow to occur.

For my reading, my question had to do with visiting BC in a few months. In the meantime before my trip, I am reminded – my voice matters, trust myself, be present and there is a visioning phase. This is significant because those reminders have arisen and I am aware of them, even if not related to my upcoming trip.

I am noticing my emotions and if I’m dealing with them or how to deal with them and to speak up. I am interested in womb space and some visioning.

I am happy about my realizations and making changes. Brenda’s reminders in the course were excellent, a few for me now and to continue are: listen, pay attention and learn to trust your own guidance (self-trust).

I learned much from the course and my reading. I believe things have and will continue to shift positively in huge ways, as long as I pay attention, am confident and trust myself in personal and business situations.

UPDATE – since my reading with Brenda months ago, some important situations have occurred. I visited BC for over a week for personal travels and also had some job interviews and apartment visits. I thought when in BC I would spend more quiet time journaling or sitting in nature and it was fine I didn’t. My quiet and mindful moments were wonderful and I had a feeling things would change. A few signs occurred in BC and mainly when in the plane taking off from BC, I was looking at the mountains and got emotional and cried.

I’m one to often plan and with deciding whether or not I would move, I made the decision to move. I am happy with my decision despite some bumps along the way. My move was huge and this was necessary for my well-being. Also, a delight to hear or read some positive comments from others with my BC news. I needed to make changes in my life and went for it and it happened to be a big change. I am comfortable and content with my move … I am currently in BC. I am thankful to know a few out West and that likely helps with my transition.

Melanie C

I played with the oracle cards today…It was great and always for me Spirit likes to be amused. I did a few spreads just looking at the cards feeling into them, listening to the music…not reading all the info in the guidebook, knowing there will be a time for that. I finished with the pathway spread….the first card, east, I am breathing into the power of now…the NEXT TWO cards were the blank wild cards. I laughed out loud and thought, these cards didn’t take long to jump into it! Thanks Brenda.

Tanya Hanson

I’ve had problems with confidence all my life. My confidence depended on people’s response to whatever I was doing at the time – my writing or artwork or the feedback from my retreats. If their feedback was positive, I felt confident and capable; however, if it was negative, I felt I wasn’t good enough.

I got the Medicine Song Oracle Cards™ because I want to have a tool in my spiritual toolkit to help me find my voice. By using the oracle cards and absorbing the messages, I have come to realize that I am a unique individual and “my voice matters.” (Woman-East)  If I fail to impress others, it is their issue and not mine.  I have done the best I can and I am, as one of the cards says, “a sacred expression” (Starlight-East).

One eureka moment with the oracle deck came while I was pondering the impact of the cards on my spiritual life.  It seems that the ‘East’ oracle cards are giving me inspiration at this point in time. I’m currently writing my prayers for an up and coming retreat and while writing started first with the East and realized that the East is where the first light of day comes.  It reminds me that the music and oracle cards can bring enlightenment if you are willing to be open to the messages.

I’ve learned through the cards that I need to allow my life to take the direction it needs and that I am where I need to be here and now. “I am breathing into the power of now” (Be Here Now –East).

Since reading the messages and listening to the music that goes with the cards, I find that I do not need to feed off the compliments of others. One of the messages tells me that I am the treasure and it’s time for my amazingness to come out. So I find that I am embracing my ‘gifts’. 

While listening to the songs and reading the messages on the cards, I find that I can meditate with more meaning and feel absolutely relaxed without having my mind wander. 

I thoroughly enjoy just picking a card, reading the message and seeing if the message resonates with me throughout the day.

When listening to the music and thinking about the message that I was given I like the music allows me to go deeper into the meaning by allowing myself to relax and just go with the flow of my thoughts.

E. Joyce MacIntyre

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