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These practices work when you work them. If you attend all the classes or watch all the replays, and implement what is shared with you, and you don’t see major improvement in how you’re handling and enjoying life during these bizarre times, you will receive a full refund.


“I have got to the root of my grief, which began before my physical life on this earth by losing my twin in womb. At no one’s fault, my self belief at a VERY early age was that love comes with loss, conditioning me to live fear-based these past 4 decades.

Add on life experienced trauma and it can quickly take over. Through Brenda’s teachings I am healing these old beliefs and in turn am healing my children and even generational trauma at that. Having non-verbal twins has also been a HUGE trigger for past trauma but again, with support we keep moving forward.

Since I joined Brenda MacIntyre’s Picking Up the Pieces 13 Moon Program, my perspective on everything has shifted. Speak, heal , love and listen from the heart. You can’t go wrong.

Participating in this program gives me the feeling of belonging and connection.”

Andrea Faerberboeck

“I have been working on trying to manage stress, slow down and be present.

Being part of the Picking Up the Pieces program helps me feel much more grounded and calmer in my day to day life. I use Brenda’s music and recorded sessions to calm myself or ground between sessions.

Since I joined the program, my stress and past trauma are no longer controlling me and my responses to others. I have begun to connect with myself and my elders. This has opened up the walls I held prior.

The teachings and songs are absolutely my favorite part of the course. Brenda is amazing and I hope to work with her again. The bonus classes have been fun too.

I know this course has been the foundation I hope to work on for as long as I can. The things I have learned will help me in the future to remain true to myself.”

Ashley Meade

Questions? Email us at techva@brendamacintyre.com

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