Medicine Song Healing Concert

Free Live Virtual Concert for Anxiety, Grief and Healing

I’m so excited to share with you from the heart and Spirit a Full Moon and Fall Equinox celebration – a live channelled music concert experience!

Life has gotten pretty intense and emotional lately. For women empaths, it’s even moreso. Exhaustion. Loneliness. Overwhelm. Anxiety. Feeling Drained. Is that you?

Empaths need extra time and self-care these days to recharge, cleanse and clear, with all the energies and emotions flying around everywhere. Come get some self-care and find out how you can boost and activate your resilience and rewire your brain to get through the rest of this global Dark Night of the Soul.

Tickets are normally $25 and…

THIS MONTH ONLY: The concert is free!

When: 4pm ET / 1pm PT Wednesday September 22nd

Where: Virtual – Details sent to you upon registration


  • Energy and sound healing through Brenda’s signature Medicine Song Healing work.
  • Relax, release and soak up the calming energy of live channelled healing soundscapes.
  • Live concert plus the audio and video replay.
  • Brenda will share an invitation to a resource for those who want to take a deep dive into reawakening and embodying resilience.

We may not even see the harvest from all of this until years later, but we can celebrate all the seeds we have planted, how far we’ve come, and the fact that we are committed to doing whatever we can to co-create a better world.

If THAT isn’t something to celebrate, I don’t know what is.

Reserve your seat below and I’ll see you at the concert,


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