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The 4 Most Important Boundaries in Business

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ImportantBoundariesI remember back in the early 90’s when I first heard the term boundaries and I thought, wow, I don’t have any!! Like none. No wonder my life was a mess and my business looked pretty on the outside with awards and media exposure, but I wasn’t doing so well financially or getting the kinds of gigs I really wanted.

TIP: My therapist one day told me to go home and write down a list of things I would no longer tolerate in my life. That was one of the best exercises I ever did. I dare you to try it.

We need to have boundaries in our personal lives, but often we can forget, we need to have boundaries in business too. Here are the most important 4 boundaries you need in business…

1. Time. Yup. I know. Where does all the time go? I think it was Abraham-Hicks who said “you’ll never get it all done.” If you’re serious about entrepreneurship, you need to have a calendar and preferably an online one with colour coding so you and your team can access it easily, and so you can hook it up to an online appointment scheduler like TimeTrade.com. Just for fun, put EVERYTHING in your calendar for a week – even stuff that randomly happens in your day – and see where you’re REALLY spending your time. It’s a bit crazy but I keep everything from getting ready for an event to my 2 hour dinner to social time to client calls in my calendar. It helps me to be REAL with myself and notice if I’m being a workaholic. It also helps me prioritize and leverage my personal and business time. You might just find that that one friend who keeps calling you during business hours is sucking up time you could be using to get clients. Or you might discover that all those hours you spend volunteering need to be cut back or deleted for now. And then there’s Sacred Time (time-bending), which is also fun.

Try this: When you go to bed, ASK and INTEND for a wonderful refreshing sleep and that you will wake up feeling energized and like you had exactly as much sleep as you needed. I do this all the time and end up feeling great in the morning, even if I was jetlagged or was up super late the night before.

2. Money. Wow, this is a big one. Payments to you. Payments to your service providers. How much do you charge for your services? Creating a flowing relationship with money is crucial as an entrepreneur, and rolling with the punches is important too when things aren’t flowing the way you want. A lot of spiritual entrepreneurs get freaked out about creating solid money boundaries, but it’s crucial to your success. For example, when and how can clients pay you? Do they pay you in advance online? Can they get away with paying you 2 weeks late? Do you keep your pricing too low out of fear that nobody will want to pay you more? Are you feeling resentful or drained for getting paid so little for the work you do? These are all signs that you need to strengthen and structure your money boundaries. Confidence plays a bit part here too. When you feel confident in what and how you want to be paid, and you have client agreements in place, your money will flow better and people won’t question your pricing.

3. Energy. One of the most common reasons spiritual entrepreneurs feel drained is energy management. If you’re empathic or energy-sensitive, that means you might be sucking up energy (pain, anger, frustration etc.) that isn’t even yours. Maybe it’s from your clients, or from people just walking by, or from rooms with energy you could “cut with a knife”. Or it could be that you just had that sales call where someone said no to you and your high vibe energy suddenly goes out the window. We all need to find ways to keep our vibrational frequency as high as possible, and if it isn’t, it’s time to build up the edge of your aura. My favourite way to do that is just by visualizing and intending that it’s built up, and for my clients, I do energy work to grow their field bigger and keep it nice and smooth with a good edge on it, and a filter to allow in only what is for their highest good and the highest good of all life everywhere. I also run cold water over my palms after a session, and for my deepest work, I enclose the sacred circle with a Welcome Song and a Travelling Song and some other ritual within a larger ceremony. Whatever it takes, find your method and stick to it. And then there’s the obvious… make sure you’re getting enough SLEEP. 😉

4. People. This one ties all the others together or makes it all fall apart, because guess what? People are where we get tested with our boundaries. None of the other boundaries here really matter without people. The people in your family, your intimate relationship, your friends, colleagues, collaborators, team members, clients, potential clients… If you are wavering on any of your other boundaries, you’re going to get “opportunities” – people challenging or overstepping your boundaries – so that you can clean them up. Questions to ask yourself: Am I saying yes when I’d rather say no? Am I saying no when I’d rather say yes? Are there any people in my life who take up too much of my time, you know those ones you can’t get off the phone from, or who expect you to do things for them even when you’re busy? Am I doing what I FEEL like doing or what someone else wants me to do? When I tell a potential client my rates, do they say they value what I have to offer and pay your fees (or respectfully decline if they can’t afford it) or do they try to get you to lower your prices?

Running your own business is a giant opportunity to create strong beautiful self-honouring boundaries. When you do, your clients will respect you, potential clients won’t question your fees, your friends will take you seriously as an entrepreneur, and you will feel sooooooo much better.

Please post your comments below if you’re reading or listening to this on my blog. I always love hearing from you! 🙂

Lots of Love & Blessings,

Brenda MacIntyre – Medicine Song Woman

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About Brenda MacIntyre

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