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17 Ways to Hide as an EntrepreneurMESSAGE FROM THE STAR ELDERS

If you’re hiding in any way at all, do whatever it takes to stop hiding and come out in the light.

On Sunday I went out to see if a garage sale that went to “whenever” was still going. Nope. It was over. Really I just went for the sake of taking a walk, so that was fine. I took the long way home on purpose to get in some extra fresh air and gentle exercise.

Makes me think of the night before at the Conscious Dance Party. One of the musicians goes to lead us in an “om” and says to be creative with it, that he likes to “take the long way om”. I remember thinking that was so cheesy, but that’s where my mind goes now.

The Wind brings me a message. If I had just gone home the same way I came, that message would not have had time to come through.

I often get messages directly from the Wind but this was different. It was a transmission from my Star Elders. Some of it was specifically for me and some of it I have permission to share with you.

All I can say is, it’s going to get interesting. A little shake and stir for many of us.

If you have part of yourselves or your life that you hide, time to explore that and move out of hiding. That’s what’s being brought up now to clear. This started with the Spring Equinox solar eclipse and even before that, with the giant solar flares that happened. This is all so we can step into our true roles, even those of us like myself, who are already living what feels like our purpose. We’re really just at the starting point. There is so much more.

HOW ARE YOU HIDING? 17 Little Known Ways to Hide as an Entrepreneur

These are in no particular order. Just a checklist to help you to see where you need to come out of hiding. Before we get going here, I want you know that I have been guilty of 10 of these at some point in my business. So if you’re seeing yourself in a bunch of them, don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be forever. Now that you know, you can get some support with it and start to come out of hiding. BREATHE. Get grounded. Okay, here you go:

1. Unprofessional Voice Message, or worse yet, a robo voice message. “The party you’ve reached is not available and they have reached the maximum number of messages Please try again.” That’s about the worst one. Or “Linda is not available. Please leave your number after the tone.” Ewww! So generic! Make it professional and give it a nice touch. My dentist called mine twice just to hear my message lol because she loved the soothing meditative message and affirmation I have on it.

2. How You Answer Your Phone. Do you say “Hello, (your name) speaking, how can I help you?” Or are you saying “Hello?” with an attitude because one of your kids just did something to piss you off? Professionalize it. Back in 2005 when I was in an entrepreneurial training program, my mentor called me and I said “Hello?” She schooled me right there on the phone. Never did that again lol!

3. No Ezine or Newsletter. If you aren’t keeping in touch with your tribe, they will forget about you and find someone else to give them the services you offer. Your ezine is a way to stay in touch with your tribe. P.S. A blog is NOT a newsletter. Blogging is helpful, but you need your official permission-based mailing list to actually build your tribe.

4. No Free Gift or opt-in on your website. Without a free gift, your list will stay small. Without some kind of an opt-in box, your list will be non-existent, unless you’re adding potential clients to an offline database, but even then, you need to get their permission to send email to them. Having an opt-in (form and/or page) on your website gets them onto your list, so you can provide value and build a relationship with them.

5. Avoiding Social Media. Get on it and be present, without letting it be a time suck. You don’t have to be on every single platform (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and on and on) – just find out where your potential clients are hanging out and focus on those platforms. Post something every day that your tribe will find interesting, and that will help your tribe relate to you.

6. YOU Are Missing from Your Business Card. Is your face on your business card? If not, next time you have them printed, get your face on there! Otherwise, how am I going to remember you out of the 15 other people I met 2 weeks ago when I finally have time to follow up? Be memorable.

7. Energetic Invisibility Cloak aka Client Repellent. Does your energy say “get away from me! I’m freaking out!” Or does it say “come on over and let’s have a conversation”? Deal with the doubt, shift the shame and open your field up a little to let people in.

8. Modality Shield. Are you hiding behind your modalities? Hi, I’m a reiki practitioner, I do EFT, and matrix, and and and…blah blah blah. But who are YOU? And what do you REALLY offer that is unique? What problem of theirs are you solving? What dreams do they have that you help them to reach? Who is best suited to work with you? Build up your confidence, create and sell signature offerings, clarify your message and put away the shield.

9. Fear of Being Seen as an Expert. Look. You are an expert at something. Not reiki or coaching or whatever, but at doing YOU in your own special way, for your particular tribe. Start investigating what that is. When you can stand in your authority or being THE expert in what you do for your tribe, you will stand out. If you need support with this one, get it. I know it’s a big one for many of you.

10. Avoiding Networking. Hiding behind your computer and your “busy-ness” instead of getting out to meet and connect with real people face to face. Or, hiding by the food table or texting the whole time. I know it isn’t easy if you’re energy-sensitive, introverted or shy but you can do it. Sometimes you just need a little help.

11. Not Selling. Are you inviting potential clients into enrollment conversations? Are you asking for the sale? For higher end offerings, the phone is often the best way to enrol a new client. You can do sales in a sacred way. It doesn’t have to be sleazy or pushy.

12. No website. This goes right back to the opt-in on your website. Now, you don’t have to have a website in order to get clients, but it helps you to build your tribe (list) and start talking to potential clients who might purchase from you right away or years from now or anywhere in between.

13. Not talking about your business. If people don’t know about it, they won’t know about it. Simple, right? You don’t need to be that person pushing business cards into everyone’s face. You can be that person who is inviting and welcoming, who people can have a great conversation with, and part of the conversation now or later involves you letting them know what you’re passionate about (that you also do in your business).

14. Slipping a little extra healing magic into your services without charging for it or telling your clients about it. That’s your BEST, most potent medicine! Please don’t give it away. Sure, some of your not-so-ideal clients might go away, but the ones who are your ideal client are going to LOVE knowing what you’re doing and will be happy to pay for it.

15. Avoiding Speaking. Speaking in person is the most effective way to build rapport with your tribe and help them to say yes to working with you. Speaking virtually (teleclasses, webinars) is also huge. Both can build your list as well.

16. Writing your marketing or having conversations from up in your head, instead of from your heart and soul. This is a big one. Next time you go to a networking event, watch and sense where people are coming from. Centre yourself, stay grounded, and come from your heart and soul. You’ll see a huge difference in how you connect with people.

17. Making it difficult for people to buy from you. Have multiple payment methods and for your bigger programs, have a payment plan or 2 to help people say yes. Make it easy.

Some of these are so simple to fix right away. Which action can you take today to stop hiding with your business?

If you want support with any of this, book a complimentary breakthrough session with me. I know some of you are meant to have my support on this particular journey of “un-hiding yourself”, and a few of you are meant to receive this deeper gift being coded into me. You’ll feel it if this is you and if it’s time. Trust your inner knowing. And do what you can NOW to get out of hiding.

Lots of Love & Blessings,

Brenda MacIntyre – Medicine Song Woman

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