FIND YOUR VOICE: 3 Spirit-Infused Steps to Instantly Boost Your Confidence, Bypass Perfectionism and Help You Speak Your Truth

What’s your magic thread? (mine’s inside)

You know, immersing yourself into being a successful spiritual entrepreneur means you’re going to GROW. Like CRAZY. And along the way, you will do some stuff that doesn’t seem to fit or make sense at the time. You will piss people off. You will feel like giving up. And you will need to hold onto one magic thread that pulls it all together. That magic thread, when you pull on it, will bring you into alignment, put you back on your path when you fall off, and become the thing you’re known for, no matter how many changes your business goes through.

I keep hearing from people who have known me or been somehow part of my online or offline community over the years… and I heard it again at the ecstatic dance I went to on Friday… “I just LOVE the new direction you’re going in now. It’s just so much more YOU.”

You know what? Yeah it is. Stepping down from presenting myself as a “business coach” and stepping up into a bigger version of being the healer, singer and shaman I am – that’s the big change they’re talking about. And. The journey to get here has included a lot of different winding paths for me. I needed to learn and move through the experiences and experiments of being primarily a “business coach” to discover that I actually have a big talent for helping people create their own signature systems, and for some of my clients, to be gifted with their own personal healing technique.

I had to learn how to sell. And then I had to break through my own barriers, fears and doubts in order to get on the phone and invite people to pay me to work with me. I had to learn how to structure my business. And I still do help my highest level clients with some of these things.

I had to go to this one particular mastermind business retreat in California last year to be given the exercise of creating my own talk in way too short a time. I was frustrated as hell, mad at my coach for not giving me enough time to create properly, and totally stuck in my perfectionism. And in the middle of writing that talk… the next phase of teachings from the vision I had at the age of 7 came through. I had this big giant AHA moment and down came the download that led me to precisely the direction I’m headed in NOW.

In all of this, over the past 28 years of being a business owner, you know what my magic thread has been?

It’s that no matter what form my business has taken, I am always doing 3 things:

1.    Helping women find their voice.
2.    Inspiring people.
3.    Singing.

And out of that, a 4th thing emerged. I have become a healer and shaman.

Everything good has widened and deepened through expanding and exploring other aspects of my business, like that whole thing about how to sell, or the fact that my childhood recurring vision has gifted me with what seems like infinite teachings. So even in my little foray where I was marketing myself as a business and marketing coach, the main thing I was doing for my clients was helping them find their voice, inspiring them and singing for them. And it still is.

So why does this matter?

If I ever notice that I’m not doing one of those things as part of my business or life, then I know I’m going off path. If I notice anything other than these 4 things taking over, or I’m no longer doing as much of these 4 things, then I know I’m falling off my true path.

If on the other hand, I’m still doing these 4 things, I’ve got my foundation underneath me. I’m being me. I’m living my purpose.

So what’s your magic thread? What is it that you are made of that never ever stops being a part of you? What is it that people have always noticed about you? What do you do now that you’ve always done in some way or another, that you could never stop doing? Or that you maybe did stop doing and it nearly killed your spirit to stop doing it? What’s your magic thread? You pull on that thread and it will bring everything else together.

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  1. […] Is your calling to write a book or to create a series of paintings or what? In my experience, the finite projects are PART of your calling, or they are leading you into your calling, but not your actual calling. Your calling is something that grows and evolves as you do. It doesn’t have a beginning and ending, until you are done as a human being in this lifetime. It calls you and leads you, if you let it. I like to talk about your magic thread, which is like an invisible thread that connects the different elements of your calling together and to you. For me, that thread is singing. Singing has led me to everything good. It has always been a part of what I do, even in times when my business completely changed. I’ve gone from singing on stage and giving workshops to business coaching to spiritual mentoring and giving oracle readings and back to singing on stage. In every case, singing is part of it. What is your magic thread? […]

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