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SM-Sacred-AlchemyHere’s your 26th Medicine Song Oracle Cards™ reading, along with the audio clip of the medicine song that matches the card.

The cards and the songs from my Medicine Song CD interact with each other to amplify the energy and experience for you. The cards are based on the Ojibwe medicine wheel the way I was taught by indigenous traditional teachers, and my own Medicine Wheel of Success system, as well as the 13 Grandmother Moons of the lunar cycle and the 28 days of each Moon cycle.

Your 26th reading is based on the song “Back in the River”. Click on the audio player at the top of this week’s blog to hear the clip and meditate to the healing art while you read the message for the week.

The “Back in the River” Inspirational Message Card is from the South direction of the medicine wheel, representing creativityfire, passionbirthing and the sacred feminine.

Love this! Lately I’ve been drawing a lot of readings that involve Fire and Water together. That’s a form of sacred alchemy. Imagine Fire and Water being able to exist with each other. That’s what you’re being called to do… to allow your inner sacred Fire to emerge more fully, while acknowledging and allowing the presence of watery emotions, dreams and fluidity. Actually there is fluidity and flow within both elements.

How can you tap into fluidity and flow this week in your life or your business? How can you push the edge of your current structures to create an even more effective and powerful support system for yourself?

The message on the card reads “Get back in the river, let it flow, let the current take you where you want to go. It’s a lyric out of the song Back in the River.

The medicine song Back in the River is all about jumping into your own flow. It’s not just about being in the flow, because everyone has their own flow and often as empaths or energy sensitive spiritual beings, we can pick up on everyone else’s flow and lose our direction.

Creativity, passion and birthing really do involve emotion, so Fire and Water are already present and playing together.

What if this week, you were to experiment with letting more of your creativity flow in what you’re already doing? Not that you need to start creating something new – you’re probably already in the middle of more than one project as it is – but let’s make this easy and work with what’s already present for you.

What might happen if you were to be more fully present in the birthing process of what you’re already creating?

What would it take for you to be more fully present in that process? What might you need to change? Just questions to ponder and explore.

I dare you to try it out! See what happens and please share on the blog any insights or aha’s you’re getting. I’d love to hear about it. (:

Thanks & Blessings to you.

Brenda MacIntyre – Medicine Song Woman

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