FIND YOUR VOICE: 3 Spirit-Infused Steps to Instantly Boost Your Confidence, Bypass Perfectionism and Help You Speak Your Truth

Starlight – Letting Your Inner Lion Out in Your Biz

Starlight Affirmation Card Graphic

This is your 2nd of 13 weekly channelled readings from my Medicine Song Oracle Cards™, along with the audio clip of the medicine song that matches the card.

The cards and the songs from my Medicine Song CD interact with each other to amplify the energy and experience for you. The cards are based on the Ojibwe medicine wheel the way I was taught by indigenous traditional teachers, and my own Medicine Wheel of Success system, as well as the 13 Grandmother Moons of the lunar cycle and the 28 days of each Moon cycle.

Your 2nd reading is based on the song “Starlight”. Click on the audio player at the top of this week’s blog to hear the clip while you read the message for the week.

This Affirmation Card is from the East direction of the medicine wheel, representing air, the mind and new beginnings.

AFFIRMATION: I am a sacred expression.

If you’re reading this, some part of you is begging to be let out of the cage. That’s your Inner Lion, with such a big huge voice that there is no possible denying that she – that you – be heard. This card is here to remind you that the more you express yourself, the more you are being true to who you are. And the more true you are to yourself and the world, the more of a difference you can make with your gifts.

Before this song came through me back in 2006, I was feeling more like a kitten than a lion. I was experiencing backlash and gossip in my community about me “singing those songs” and messing with my indigenous traditions. Some were even complaining that I was teaching women to rap in my drumming circles. Funny, because I did used to be a rap artist (no lie!) but that was not what I was teaching the women.

Some people were uncomfortable with me singing in my own original more contemporary style. And some didn’t like to hear me singing some of the ancient drum songs that were coming through me because I wasn’t doing it the way they wanted me to. You know what I was actually doing? I was singing the songs exactly as they came through me directly from Spirit. So tough for those people who didn’t like it. I hold myself to my commitment to deliver what comes through Spirit, even if it seems weird or I have to leap a few comfort zones into something scary.

You know how powerful it is to be so connected that you get your instructions directly from Spirit? I’ll bet many of you do know this power. It’s time to bring it into other areas of your life and business. This is why I help women to develop their intuition and spiritual abilities.

You can become so grounded in the truth Spirit provides, and so trusting of your intuition, that the decisions you make in your business will have nothing to do with what other people think – and everything to do with your own guidance.

There is no reason to doubt yourself or second guess yourself in this state of being, especially when you add a good-sized bucket of confidence to the picture. So yes, it is time to grow your self-confidence. Not just right now but all the time.

As an entrepreneur or trailblazer, you’ve got to be able to handle it when some people don’t get you or even talk down about you. Yes, it’s true that if you step into your real power, this is going to happen in some form or another. Thankfully there is another perk to this…

I learned to CELEBRATE every time I received any kind of backlash, because I noticed a very clear pattern: Every single time this happened, I was being more of myself, and expressing my true nature more fully in front of people. I had hidden my true self and the power within me for years, so a lot of people were used to the agreeable, quiet, non-opinionated version of me – at least off stage.

So you know what the perk to this is? For every person who gossips about you or doesn’t accept you, there are another 100 cheering you on and watching you intently, and of those ones, a few of them are going to become your clients. Or they already are your clients.

You are a sacred expression of All That Is Good! twitter21

When we don’t express ourselves fully, when we don’t have our own opinion or say what’s really on our mind, we shrink. We give our power away. We make weak decisions based on fear of not doing things right, instead of based on our #truth.

This particular version of Starlight I recorded very differently than I normally would sing a song. I used to try to stick to traditional indigenous song structures and kind of simplify my singing style so that people could easily sing along and not be challenged by my volume or power or soulful singing style.

No more! The song as you hear it has very on-purpose variations in the singing style, as well as my super soulful singing style that always wants to come out and play.

It’s important to meet your clients and audiences where they are. It’s also important to let your Inner Lion out of the cage!!! Let her roar!! Let that courage and powerful voice come out.

Your full-on self-expression is a vital part of the expansion of the Universe.twitter21

Light yourself up.

Be 500% YOU.

See you next week.

Lots of Love & Blessings,

Brenda MacIntyre – Medicine Song Woman

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