Success Alignment Session


Personalized Private Success Alignment Session, with shamanic energy work, spirit-led guidance and your very own channelled medicine song, to help you CLEAR energy blocks and your path, get throat chakra healing, CONNECT with your guides and ALIGN with your highest PURPOSE.




* Personalized Medicine Song Channelling

* Shamanic Journey and Reading

* Energy Healing/Clearing for you and your business

* Spiritual and Intuitive Mentoring

* Spirit-led “Homework” (that your guides and/or mine will give you)

* The Focus of the Session: COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZED. Based on what YOU tell me and what your HRST (Higher Realms Support Team) and mine offer up. Often past life issues will come up to be resolved. Blocks get cleared around being seen and heard with your business, and sometimes a little glimpse at your next level of spiritual abilities or the next few “miles” of the path you’re on with your business can pop up in addition to our focus.




* 1 Private 45-60 minute Private Session with me (by phone or Skype)

* 1 Private 15 minute Accountability & Breakthrough Mentoring Call with me

* MP3 Recordings of both calls

* On our 15 minute call, book a bit of extra time. I leave about 30 minutes extra open afterwards, so we can discuss whatever we need to first, and then talk about a plan of action, which might include working with me further if that makes sense, and/or other suggested resources.


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