Brenda MacIntyre Oracle Reading

Medicine Song Oracle Readings™

When Your Spiritual Legacy Comes Knocking
and You’re Afraid to Answer…

Alchemize your LIFE

You’re smart – no – WISE. Not to mention full of SPIRITUAL POWER.

You’ve had your share of breakthroughs and spiritual awakenings and it’s about time you get to do what you really came here to do.

Your life isn’t perfect. In fact, it can get downright messy, what with all the spiritual awakenings and inner work you’ve been doing.

After all those lifetimes, all your hard work and the crap you’ve been through, you DESERVE to live your truth out loud. By the way, the world NEEDS you to live your truth out loud.  But what are the next steps on the path? Which direction are you meant to take? How will you know what to do when you get there?

Don’t let your questions, doubt, fear, shame or perfectionism hold you back any longer. You and Spirit have the answers. Let me help you pull them out.

You don’t have to be done with your entire healing journey or have an overfull spiritual toolkit to get on with your spiritual legacy. You can connect with, activate and evolve your purpose, and make your struggles count – starting NOW.

I’m Medicine Song Woman, aka Brenda MacIntyre. I’m a Canadian Native American singer, drummer, spiritual mentor, speaker, and author and artist of the Medicine Song Oracle Cards™.

For about 3 years, I’ve been having the most FUN I’ve ever had in my life. NOT because my life has been perfect.  My life has actually been incredibly challenging. I’ve invested many thousands of dollars into my business and personal growth. I’ve done some scary shit, sometimes on purpose and sometimes it’s just happened. My son was murdered in January 2016, causing me to question everything about my life. While it has been extremely difficult, I’ve been “taking my own medicine” and getting lots of support, and I have been cracked wide open once again. I have been shedding a lot of what I thought was supposed to be my life, and opening up to so much MORE ME. My son’s recent death has opened up a renewed passion in me for living life out loud, and for helping others to do the same.

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Aren’t you tired of all the “my life sucked and now it’s so awesome, come work with me to get the same results” B.S? I am, even in my own business. Life is Life. The whole mixed bag of REAL life includes darkness and light. The trick is to alchemize your experiences and respond to life with Spirit-led action steps that take you up the spiral to your next level.

What’s happened for me from doing this for years: When struggles come up for me now, I don’t go into that downward spiral I used to, even in the grieving of my son. I could’ve gone to a very dark place with what just happened, and stayed there, but instead I’m living my purpose even deeper than before and there’s still more magic to come.

Medicine Song Oracle Cards™ – which I use for all my readings – were born from a place of deep knowing, Spirit-led action and the evolution of my purpose.

Medicine Song Oracle Readings™ are meant to support you in evolving
your purpose and harvesting the gifts and blessings from your life experiences.

HERE’S WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE with your private Medicine Song Oracle Reading™ with me:

Oracle Card Reading
Personalized Medicine Song Channelling
Spiritual and Intuitive Mentoring
Spirit-led Action Steps
1 Private Phone or Skype Session with me
Recording of Your Reading
Photograph of Your Cards and Spread
Book a bit of extra time. I leave about 15 minutes extra open afterwards, so we can discuss whatever we need to first, and then if it makes sense, we might talk about further sessions and/or other suggested resources.

I want to be clear that this session is for SPIRITUAL MOVERS AND SHAKERS – women on the leading edge who are committed to implementing what they learn. If you’re an action-taker, if you’re willing to step through your fear and take responsibility for transforming your life, then this is for you.

This Session is NOT for you if:

You are looking for a psychic reading to tell the future. YOU are the one who creates your path, in collaboration with Spirit. I will offer you intuitive and channelled guidance and mentoring to help you create your own outcomes.
You are content to stay in your comfort zone and unwilling to try new things. If you’re not willing to take the steps that Spirit and I give you, what’s the point, right? I’m not here to entertain you. I’m here to help you evolve yourself and your purpose.
You want to be told an exact outcome. I will give you guidance and help you to step up into your own power to make confident decisions and take action as necessary in order to become more of who you are meant to be. It’s a joint effort between you, me and Spirit. The outcome depends a lot on what you are willing to put into action based on the information and healing that come through.
You want me to solve your problems for you and give you all the answers. This reading is to support you in solving your problems and to help you to get your own answers. Yes, guidance and lots of information will come through. And. With these readings, nothing in your life will change unless you take Spirit-led action.

Results You May Experience:

Deeper Spiritual Connection
Increased Self-Trust
Clarity and Confirmation about Your Purpose and Direction
More Energy
A Profound Sense of Self-Love
More Self-Confidence


30 Minute Session


60 Minute Session


BREATHE and feel into this. If it’s for you, the deepest part of you knows that, so tune in to your spirit and your soul.

If you, me and this experience are a match, here’s what you might be feeling and sensing…

A little magnetic pull, like something is connecting to your spirit and your calling.
An electrical sensation or waves or a burst of energy.
An intuitive feeling that you’re in the right place.
Goosebumps or tingles or a feeling of expansion.
Butterflies in your stomach.
Or all of those things and more.

You’re on this page because Spirit brought you here.

Receiving one of these sessions is a deeply spiritual and energetically aligned move for those who do feel that calling and connection, and dive in.

What unfolds when I give oracle readings is always surprising and magical, even for me.

Spirit and I will always give you accurate, appropriate, supportive, positive information… and homework too. That I can promise you.

I can also promise you that you will be one or more steps closer to remembering and deeply knowing your core essence, who you truly are.

I can promise you that you will have what you need to clear some of that residue from the past that has been stopping you from harvesting the gifts and blessings from your life experiences.

I can promise you that our session will serve you not just now but into the future.

30 Minute Session


60 Minute Session


I had to write to tell you about the card reading you did for me tonight.

I’ve had readings from several people before. Usually if I sense them to be true, I’ll get a shiver down my spine. I have never had a card reading from you on periscope before. But tonight, after the reading, it literally felt like a bolt of lightning hit my gut, then my entire body shook violently for at least a minute! The shaking was even visible. I have never had such a powerful connection to spirit before.

I believe you have a gift, and will enlighten me to find mine. Thank you, so glad something led me to find you.

Karen Martinez


If you still have questions or want to set this up by phone (you can pay via credit card over the phone too if you would rather), or you’re just not sure if this is for you, you can book a quick call with me here to discuss further.