Nothing like the feeling and sound of women’s voices and drums coming alive together…

That primal connection between the heartbeat of you, Mother Earth, all the women and all the sisters, grandmothers, mothers, aunties and daughters who have gone before.

The power in the circle is palpable. The light in the women’s eyes is bright, as they let out a wild soulful voice they didn’t even know they had, literally singing themselves alive.

The rhythm and voices swirl around, raising energy, connecting your spirit to something ancient you can’t even describe…

Then you hit that sweet spot… when all sounds and vibrations become ONE voice and you can feel your whole body vibrating. It’s like time no longer exists and you are so present that you’re “gone”. Your spirit journeys and your body is one with the drum.

I don’t know of a greater joy and as I write this, tears fill my eyes from the incredible feeling that is in my bones and body memory from drumming and singing with women over and over and over.

It’s kind of unreal… how you can actually feel solidly grounded while your spirit journeys and you can tap into the Great Mystery, the Universe and your spirit at the same time. The healing energy we raise together, the rhythm, the sisterhood, the primordial wisdom bubbling up from the ground and the drums…

Imagine 2 full days of this… !!

Sometimes you just need to get away from the stress and demands on your energy and time. Sometimes you need an energy boost and a reset. Sometimes you need a spiritual detox. So often you can end up feeling drained, sick or just exhausted because you’re such a great nurturer and giver, and you’re giving so much not only to other people, but to Mother Earth, during this Great Re-Awakening. Now it’s time to give back to YOU.



You, Me and a big beautiful circle
of like-hearted, like-spirited women


Dovercourt House, 2nd Floor
Toronto, Ontario


April 21-22, 2018
10:30 AM to 4:30 PM


Drumming, Singing, Raising Energy, Connecting and Letting Out Your WILD Side in a safe, sacred space
Learn indigenous women’s drumming and singing teachings and protocols
Find out how to take care of your drum
Drum Feast and Awakening Ceremony
Learn different rhythms and drumming techniques
Sing indigenous women’s frame drum songs

Don’t have a drum? No worries! We’ll hook you up with a beautiful indigenous hand-made drum for a very special savings, especially for retreat attendees.

Can’t sing? You know I’ve heard that many times before, right? I have a way of creating safe, sacred space, so you can feel comfortable enough to let your voice, power and spirit out to play, EVEN if you think you can’t sing. By the way, YES, you can!

True Story. Here’s how drumming and singing have transformed my life…

It’s November 11th, 1998 and I’ve just had a Star Blanket healing with 2 Navajo medicine women. One of the grandmothers hands me her drum and says “Sing until you are done.” I look at her like she’s insane. Me, sing with her drum?! I’m so nervous my mind goes blank. I have no idea what to sing. I open my mouth anyway, and without realizing it, I channel my first medicine song, and for the first time in my life, I hear my voice as 2 voices. I ask her if she heard it too and she nods, saying “you just sang your spirit back to you.” She tells me I’m a healer, and that I have to do a ceremony by the river and sing and drum for 5 days in a row.

5 days? More like 18 years…cause yeah, I never stopped!

My voice and the drum became my medicine, to help me release pain and tears from my deep losses, to energize me, and lift me out of dark places. I drummed and sang my way out of toxic relationships and grief, to more confidence, self-love, leadership and connection. I decided to dedicate my life to helping women to find their voice, because I had found MY voice, and keep doing that on so many levels.

After drumming and singing for 18 years, and sharing the stage with thought leaders Shakti Gawain, Gregg Braden, Dr. Emoto and Michael Beckwith, one of my most powerful experiences of drumming and singing happened at an indigenous women’s healing conference that I was co-facilitating. I remember looking around the circle on the first day at all the women. Most of them had low energy and were hurting, even though you might not know that just by looking at them. Some were afraid to say anything. Others were bubbling over with chatter that was really just covering up the pain inside. I could relate because that’s been me so many times. I was a Juno Award-winning singer performing for hundreds of people and in the media, but inside I was a mess for years. What brought these women together was their craving to be in circle with other like-minded women, have their voices heard and experience some freedom and healing.

You know that feeling of being able to just let go and be yourself, without having to conform to fit in?

I almost can’t put into words the vortex our energy created every time we sang and drummed another song. Such community was created that it was hard to leave, and most of those women stay in touch even now, nearly 4 years later.

I could probably fit about 100 women into this space,
and while that would be fun too, I want you to feel safe, held and supported…



Healing, Connection and Community
First Nations Frame Drum, Shaker and Singing Techniques
Medicine Song Channelling 101
How to Find Your Voice through Singing
Leadership Development through Drumming
Clear Blocks around Self-Expression
How to Sing even if you think you can’t
Cultural Protocols/How to Respect Indigenous Culture as a Drummer
BONUS: Brenda’s Audio Book “Drum Voice Power” with everything Brenda has ever learned about indigenous women’s frame drumming and singing


Drumming & Singing of Course!!
Drum Awakening and Feast Ceremony
Learning Women’s Indigenous Frame Drum Songs
Raising Sacred Feminine Energy Together
Celebrating Ourselves as Women
Connecting with Amazing Like-Minded Women
Activities to Free Your Voice


To have something like this with me one on one, the fee is $5000 for one day. Instead, you’re getting 2 full days with me, in sacred community, for only $497. That’s actually WHY I’m doing this retreat – to give up to 35 women just like you this sacred experience for an affordable investment. PLUS then you get the energy of the whole circle of women and the vibration of all those drums, shakers and voices in one space for 2 days straight. That’s a whole lot of sacred feminine POWER.


Register before March 12 and save $50 off your registration!

Pay in Full $497 $447

Brenda’s Personal Guarantee

If this retreat is calling your name, I want this decision to be easy for you. Come to the retreat. Go home and listen to the Drum Voice Power Audio Book (it’s free with your registration). Over the next 6 months, implement at least half of the teachings I’ve given you. If 6 months down the road, you don’t feel like you’ve gotten what I’m promising here, let us know the steps you’ve taken to implement the teachings, and I will happily refund you 100% of your investment.


“I was curious to learn about your interpretation of the power of the voice. This awareness has been a powerful piece in my life but I never knew how to articulate it to others.

As a result of going to your workshop, I received an awareness that what I have to offer to the world is imperfectly imperfect because it is authentically who I am and it is mine. Experiencing women coming together to trust and explore their voice was magical.

What shifted for me as an allowing of who I really am and not worrying about being outwardly perfect or conforming to a picture in someone’s head.

My life is good. I am releasing and allowing more every day. I have a focus for an offering to the world.

I feel now like I have more of an internal permission to be myself.”

“Worthiness and fear of success have been strong blockages for me.  How can I claim my soul purpose as the place where I build material wealth?  Why is what I have to share, my story, important for other’s to hear?  It is this insecurity that hinders my ability to share my gifts confidently and knowingly.

Brenda’s workshop showed me how much power a temporary community holds. To build a community to support growth is very nurturing.  No one can bring out your voice for you, however they may ask you to participate, to engage.  At Brenda’s workshop, I engaged my voice with the voices of others and this in turn supported my ability to speak from a place of power.

What has shifted for me the most since the workshop is the importance of communicating from a place of knowing rather than reaction.  It is so powerful to bring the breath into the tummy and cultivate an atmosphere of listening with intent as well as responding with intent.

During the workshop, I felt curious and anxious about what finding your voice really means.  My confidence ebbs and flows and so in the workshop I experienced some shyness and also confidence.  Singing with others and drumming tethered me to a place where I was part of healing, learning and sharing.  I felt a renewed sense of commitment to myself and the amount of power I can bring to networking for my business.

I will participate more with groups and seek support from communities that support my goals and needs as a woman entrepreneur. I am practicing breathing in through my belly when having important conversations and looking at this practice as grounding the voice, just as one grounds the body in Yoga or meditation.  The voice is such an important messenger and tool for us to use. There is always room to improve our communication.

I no longer look at networking the same way. It will still be challenging in some situations, but now I look at it as sharing my gifts and others have the choice to unwrap it or not.  I don’t feel I have to force myself to sell.”

Mollie Kindred

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t sing or I don’t feel comfortable singing in front of people?

I never force anyone to do anything in my circles, but in my 18 years of giving drumming circles, 99% of the time, everyone ends up singing (and happy about it!) at some point or another. Also. You CAN sing. You’ve just been embedded with the message that you can’t, and the throat chakra holds those blocks to speaking your truth and living your truth. We’re going to clear some of those blocks and you’ll be surprised at your voice.

Do I need a drum?

Nope. But it will definitely be more fun if you have one. We may have some on hand to borrow but we can also hook you up with a beautiful hand-made frame drum for an amazing deal, exclusively for retreat attendees ONLY. You’ll need to sign up like NOW to get that drum in advance, especially if you want it custom-made (at no extra charge!).

Do I have to be an experienced singer or drummer?

Nope. Absolutely no experience necessary. But you will feel like an experienced singer and drummer when you leave.

What if I’m on my moontime (period)? Can I still come?

Yes! In many community circles, women are not permitted to drum and sing on their moontime. In my circles, you can fully participate, or you can follow whatever teachings you have in this area. I will explain all of this at the retreat. This is an eggshell-free-zone, and by that I mean I don’t want you to feel like you’re walking on eggshells. I want you to feel comfortable to be who you are and trust your own inner guidance.

Can my husband come?

Nope. This is a getaway for women only. If your husband or anyone of another gender wants to come out and drum, they can check out my monthly drumming circles that are open to all.

I don’t live anywhere near Toronto. Are there accommodations?

Yes! We will send you a list of highly recommended affordable local B &B’s not far from our retreat location.

What’s expected of me at this event?

No alcohol or recreational substances permitted. Please do not wear any perfume or other artificial fragrances, due to allergies and sensitivities of your host (me!) and other attendees. Please bring a water bottle, filled up if possible. You can bring your lunch too if you want, or eat out with some of the other attendees.

What if I can’t make it? Can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds but your ticket is fully transferrable or we can offer you a credit redeemable on any of our other products and services.

What’s included?

Morning and afternoon snacks and some water will be provided. Lunch and dinner are on your own. There are lots of cool restaurants nearby where you can sit down and eat or do takeout and eat at our venue.


Pay in Full $497 $447

Pay In Full $497 $447

“We have received excellent feedback regarding your presentation, workshop and healing energies.  We so appreciate your presence and contributions there and will certainly keep you in mind for future conferences.”

Carol Heywood

“I just want to say thank you for your offering on Saturday. Your song took me to other realms and truly connected me with the spirits. I felt myself experiencing true bliss as well as having my cells be rearranged. It was true magic.”

Susheela Ramachandran

“Sunday was an amazing day!!!  It was so nice to be with all of you.  We sang ‘with you’ in the car on the ride home.  I can’t seem to get enough of your music.  You have amazing talent and a beautiful soul.  My friends feel the same way.”

Dianne Blondel


Medicine Song Woman Brenda MacIntyre is the Living Your Truth Out Loud Mentor, Goose Bump Giving Singer and Author of the Medicine Song Oracle Cards™.

The Juno Award-winning singer has shared her magic, leadership and soul on national TV channels such as MuchMusic, CTV, APTN and Global and for appreciative audiences of 30 to 3,000. Her music has been featured on CBC Radio and hundreds of other radio stations, garnering top ten status multiple times. She has shared the stage with star from The Secret, Michael Beckwith, and New York Times Best-Selling Authors Gregg Braden, Dr. Joan Borysenko and the late Dr. Emoto.

Painfully shy and introverted into her teens, Brenda let her passion for singing lead her onto the stage and by the age of 20 she was on Top 40 Radio in Miami. Even after ample media and live stage experience, she was terrified of being seen and heard, suppressing her gifts and struggling with perfectionism.

Brenda began an intensive healing journey at an Aboriginal healing lodge, where a Navajo medicine woman recognized Brenda as a healer. Since then, Brenda’s mentorship, speaking and spiritual singing has helped thousands of women around the world to amplify their voice and the power of who they are.

In January 2016, Brenda lost her son to a shooting. Her son’s death prompted her to teach women to stop holding back, discover the power of their gifts, and create success out of the mess of REAL life.