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Be Here Now Inspiration Back Card

I’ve got a surprise for you! For the next 13 weeks, I will share a reading with you from my Medicine Song Oracle Cards™ PLUS an audio clip of the medicine song that matches the card.

The cards and the songs from my Medicine Song CD interact with each other to amplify the energy and experience for you. The cards are based on the Ojibwe medicine wheel the way I was taught by indigenous traditional teachers, and my own Medicine Wheel of Success system, as well as the 13 Grandmother Moons of the lunar cycle and the 28 days of each Moon cycle.

Your very first reading just happens to be from the very first song on the Medicine Song album, “Be Here Now”. Click on the audio player at the top of this week’s blog to hear the clip while you read the message for the week.

This card is from the South direction of the medicine wheel, representing creativity, fire, passion, birthing and the sacred feminine.

You are on your way with something you are going to birth into your business. It wasn’t started long ago but the momentum has been created. It may be a new project or it may be more of yourself, or maybe both.

Whatever you will birth promises to bring light and love and fulfillment to you and to those you serve or will serve. You might be feeling pregnant with yourself or with the new project or idea. It’s time right now to be the divine mother of the creation you have conceived.

The momentum you have created is important to sustain. Just like a plant will thrive with enough water, food and care, your project, idea or that part of you wanting to be born will thrive if you continue to water, feed and love it into existence.

Even when you feel like it’s taking sooooo long and like “when will this thing come into form,” you need to continue to feed and nourish YOU and this little being growing within you.

This is how deeply important you and your business, ideas and projects are. What you are meant to birth through your business is coming to bring more life to the planet, to wake us all up a little more, and to bring you great joy.

Tap into your creative fire. Practice being present, especially while you’re doing work to grow your business and when you feel like giving up or you get frustrated.

Give your fire permission to blaze out of you through the creation process of this sacred being, energy, form that is being created by you.

Marinate in the moment of now.twitter21

Soak it all up.

Be Here Now.

See you next week.

Lots of Love & Blessings,

Brenda MacIntyre – Medicine Song Woman

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